Democrats in the Community

Democrats in the Community
DTC Members Volunteer at For Goodness Sake in June 2018. From left to right: DTC Chair, Dean Kilbourne; DTC Vice Chair, RIppy Patton; WIlliam Veits; DTC Secretary, Kris Granatek; Richard Harlow; Sandy Stafford; Olivia Kilbourne; FGS Organizer, Kendra Morales; and, 31st District State Senate Candidate and DTC Member, Chris Wright.

About The DTC

The Mission of the Bristol DTC:
  • To select, develop and elect qualified candidates who exemplify the ideals of the democratic party.

  • To encourage full participation by all Democrats in all Democratic Town Committee affairs by reasonably reflecting the apportionment of women, young people and minority group members within each precinct and throughout the City of Bristol.

  • To encourage meaningful debate and discussion so that Democratic Town Committee decisions are based solely on the merits of the issues.

  • To encourage open and positive communications between all elected officials, Democratic Town Committee members and Democratic Party members.

Members of the Bristol Connecticut Democratic Town Committee are elected every two years. To be eligible for Committee membership, you must be a registered Democrat living within the City of Bristol.