Voting Information for 2020

What to do

1. Check now to verify you’re registered to vote, your address is up to date and which polling location is yours. Online here: Check Your Registration

2. All Registered, active voters will receive an absentee ballot application in the mail beginning September 10th from the Secretary of the State. If you plan on voting absentee, complete your absentee ballot application making sure to indicate the reason for absentee voting (COVID-19 is an acceptable reason) and sign in the appropriate location or your application will be returned to you. Turn in as soon as possible. The absentee application can be mailed in the self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed or at the absentee ballot drop boxes located at City Hall.

3. Getting your ballot back at least one week prior to Election Day and use of the drop boxes located at City Hall is recommended, if possible.

4. The deadline is at the close of polls on Election Day (8pm on November 3rd).

5. Don’t forget to sign your ballot envelope. If you neglect to sign the ballot, it will not be counted!

6. Voting in person at the polls? Do not request an absentee ballot. Polling locations are as safe as going to the grocery store and for extra assurance, bring your own black or blue ink pen. If you are voting by absentee, do not go to the polls.

7. If you have any questions about the voting process, please call Bristol’s Registrar of Voters 
at 860-584-6165.

For more information, go to Voting Information Facebook Page